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Yuliya Geikhman

I'm a freelance writer.

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Money matters 1173105 639x426 630x420 article

Budgeting tips: How not to go broke studying abroad | Study Bridge

For all its benefits and draws, studying abroad still has one nagging issue that prevents many from experiencing it: money.

Usa business school 630x420 article

The Top 3 US States to Study Medicine

Over a quarter of the students coming into the US to study choose to study business, social sciences, or law. The United States has a wide variety of business schools and programs, from the huge names you’ve undoubtedly heard about like Harvard, to the lesser known smaller programs that, let’s face it, are just as great.

Open doors report 2014 us welcomes international students 630x473 article

Open Doors Report 2014: US welcomes international students

This November was host to the 15th International Education Week, celebrating the largest number of international students yet in a trend that’s still on the rise...