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Red Tricycle

A New & Unique Playground on Governor's Island

Since its opening to the public in 2003, Governors Island has become a favorite summer getaway from the city for many families. The island now offers yet another reason to hop a ferry: The Hills, a brand new 10-acre park that features art, stunning harbor views and — most importantly — some seriously super slides.

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Kids Food Science: Flavors and Five Senses

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural vanilla? What’s the deal with umami? Just how well do you know what’s in your food? The Museum of Food and Drink addresses all these questions and more, in a family-friendly, bias-free way that will leave everyone, uh, hungry for more.

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Just Opened: 4 Paint & Sip Studios Where You Can Create With the Kids

You’ve seen the photos in your Facebook feed: groups of smiling people holding nearly identical paintings. It’s the “Paint and Sip” phenomenon — friendly art outings with a side of Chardonnay or Shiraz — and the concept is descending on NYC in a major way.

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Culture Club: A New Program For Exploring Art with Kids

ismatched Socks, a new program devoted to bringing the city’s rich art offerings and families together in myriad and sometimes unconventional ways, is here to help.

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Sweet Spots: 10 Awesome NYC Candy Shops

From artisanal chocolates to yummy gummies, well-known hotspots to well-kept secrets, NYC’s got the perfect candy store to satisfy your sweet tooth. We’ve uncovered the best spots to fill up on candy and chocolates for you and your budding candy connoisseurs.

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Red Tricycle

Scrabble & Beyond: 6 Hot Spots for Board Game Fun

Put down your phones, console controllers, and other digital devices: it’s time for some face-to-face gaming time. Dig out that old board game gathering dust in the depths of the closet and get the family together.

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Red Tricycle

Go On a Wild Parrot Safari in Brooklyn

Did you know Brooklyn is home to bright green Monk parakeets? Here, you'll discover where and when you can find these unusual urban birds....

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Red Tricycle

5 Kid-friendly Hiking Trails With Mind-Blowing Views

You’ve braved the city streets and the wilderness of the city’s parks. You may have even gone on a nature walk. But if you’re still itching to step off the beaten path you may want to pack up some gear and the kids, and take a hike.