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I'm a freelance writer.

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Actual Sunlight: shining a light on depression with creator Will O’Neill

Actual Sunlight is a text-driven indie game that deals with the reality of depression. We catch up with Will O’Neill, the writer and creator of the game, to learn more about the motivation behind making such a dark game, and whether the game industry is ready for games like it.

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An interview with Wadjet Eye Games founder Dave Gilbert

With adventure games on topics including apocalyptic robots, dangerous physics, and Rabbis in his portfolio, DAVE GILBERT of Wadjet Eye Games knows a thing or two about the genre. We catch up with him to discuss why innovation’s not really all that important, the privileges of being indie, and why we are our own best audience.

Mojang office article

2012: The year giants went indie

Indie studios usually look up to industry giants, but it looks like the tables are turning. As the game industry becomes increasingly unforgiving, large game companies are going indie.

Playstation all stars battle royale characters 2 article

Can PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale make it as an e-sport?

The world of competitive fighting games is already packed with well-known titles like the Street Fighter and Marvel v Capcom series. Will the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale become another staple in the fighting games community, or will it be overlooked for being too casual?

Ddo article

Premium to freemium: How MMOs are making the transition

Is the subscription-based MMO on its last legs? Why does free-to-play seem to be taking over? We explore the business behind the genre, and take a look at how a genre once defined by its monthly payments is making the transition away from them.

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The Night of the Rabbit Hands-on Preview

Yuliya Geikhman plays some of Daedalic Entertainment’s The Night of the Rabbit and embarks on a journey to discover that nothing is truly impossible. Dapper man-rabbits, stressed mice, and some very real magic are only the beginning to a curious story that promises to get curiouser.