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I'm a freelance writer.

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Pup Parking Meters Popping Up around NYC

When you leave your dog outside a store, you’re leaving him in potential danger of everything from breaking loose to being dog-napped.

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Now You Can Charge Your Phone with Noise

The loud rumble of the New York City subway may soon do more than provide excellent white noise for your nap: it may charge your phone.

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Prototype Screen Conforms to Your Glasses Prescription

A new screen prototype may make reading glasses unnecessary when using a tablet or computer.

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The Internet Celebrates April Fool's Day 2015: The 5 Best Pranks

Over the past few years, the internet has elevated April Fool’s Day pranks to an art. Here are five of the best April Fools Day 2015 pranks:

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Space Whiskey Scheduled to Return to Earth

In October 2011, a batch of recently-made whiskey was sent into orbit, to mature aboard the International Space Station—for science. The goal was to let the malt reach maturity then return the space whiskey to Earth to see if it was any different than our boring, regular-gravity drink.

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Eavesdropping Using Phone's Motion Sensor, or Bag of Chips

The ability to hear through closed doors is a superpower sought after by both the well-meaning and the nefarious. Soundproof rooms and remote locations will remain a mystery no longer thanks to two separate new studies, for better or worse.

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Blood Test that Detects Cancer in Development

Detecting cancer may soon take a simple blood test, thanks to University of Bradford researchers.

This blood test is only in the first testing stages, but results are promising.

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Suspended Animation Begins Human Trials

The definition of death is about to become a bit murky.

Currently, a person is declared clinically dead when their heart stops beating and does not respond to attempts to resuscitate. Now, trials of suspended animation are about to begin, changing our concept of death and giving doctors new options.